Backup Definitions What is!

Hot Storage

Backup time is instant, and restore time is instant. Supports content search (eDiscovery/OCR / MS SQL Database backups. Cloud Drive. Backup and restore of smartphones. Share anything. AI Photo detection. View/Stream media files using web browser. View/Stream media files using VCCloud mobile app.

Cold Storage

Backup time is instant. Restore time 3-12 Hours. Optimized version of media files can be restored instantly. Restore of smartphones available for only media files. An optimized version of media files will be restored. Share available for only media files.

Server or Workstation Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery serves as an image per workstation or server. Each image requires minimum 500Gb for workstation and 1TB for Server of Hot storage. You can have as many images as you require per workstation or server. Support for Windows Mac’s Servers and Linux. Protection Plans – Backup Schedules – Backup Types (images/system-state) - Retention Policies – Backup Aging/Cleanup – Encryption – Compression – Validation and many more features.

eDiscovery and OCR

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a feature provided by VCCloud that scans the content of images/PDFs and recognize the characters included in them to simplify the file search process. Supported file extensions are jpg pdf tiff.

Video Streaming

Stream video from your smartphone or Online PC app in either Standard Definition or in High Definition

Mobile Backup

Search for files, photos, audio, and videos through the app. Sharing of files, photos, audio, and videos using a link to external users.


Artificial Intelligence that allows Photo Detection for Smartphones and Online App


With the Basic Audit, you can review the actions taken on the system or on the machine(s) where VCCloud software is installed from only the last 30 days. With the Lifetime Audit, you can review the actions taken on the system or on the machine(s) where VCCloud software is installed from the day you started using the VCCloud service. Logs all backups, restores, searches, views, deletes by timestamp and by user. User Management Tracking: Create, suspend, activate, and delete users.

User Access Tracking: User login time, files accessed, search activity, download, video views, file shares, and file deleting. Device Activity: Device added to backup and restore activities, backup pausing/resuming, last backup date, storage alerts, device suspended, deleted, or archived. Administrator Activity: Adding new policies, deleting policies, assigning policies, and changing system settings, and adding new administrators.


Incremental backup with versioning: VCCloud uses incremental backup with versioning, whereby any modifications made to the original files locally will automatically trigger an upload to the Cloud, resulting in the creation of a new version of that modified file. As a result, frequently modified files will have multiple versions stored on the Cloud, offering the option to restore an older version if needed. The deleted files are kept on the Cloud: VCCloud does not remove files from the Cloud, even if they have been deleted locally. Thus, if you delete a file(s) from your machine, you will still find it in your VCCloud backup, contributing to the size discrepancy between the original data and its backup. With those features, it is expected for the backup size on the Cloud to grow bigger with time. The Retention option aims to help VCCloud users purge unwanted versions and deleted files from the Cloud backup to reduce the backup size.


Military-Grade 256-AES Encryption is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, top of the line protocols, such as military-grade 256-AES encryption, to meet and surpass all security compliances and data regulations. Data is encrypted in-flight and at rest. Ransomware Resistant.

 GDPR Compliance

Management and Data Governance - User Management, Selective data Destruction, Administrator Management, File Retention Policies, and Sharing Management. Protection – Security, Sharing of Data, Multi Factor Authentication, File Retention Policies, Easily Recover Data, Multi Failed Sign on Alerts, Limit access to specific IP, Eliminate Data breaches, Encryption, and Auditing

Backup Definitions What Is!

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