Cloud Backup Solutions

Cold Storage Versus Hot Storage

Hot storage is used for live and in real time access to your data which is great for media storage and other information that needs to be restored immediately. Cold storage on the other hand is for data that you only need to access occasionally and time is not and issue.
Data recovery can take up to 12 hours.

If cold storage is what you are looking for then click here.

Free Backup Software - All Major Platforms

Free Backup Software - All Major Platforms

Windows - Mac - Android

All major platforms are supported by this easy to use software.  Simply download and install the application on your device and the software intuitively backs up your most valuable data at prescribed increments.

The initial setup will take you a few minutes but provide you with ongoing peace of mind.

Cloud Backup Process

Install and Setup

A Quick easy install process - then simply select the folders that you wish to backup.


Fire Up

Your documents are encrypted and sent to the cloud.



Files are backed up at a prescribed periods.  That is periods prescribed by you.


Data Recovery

A full data recovery package is available should you accidentally remove valuable data.

Cloud Backup Process
Cloud Backups

Cloud Backups

Super secure and lightning fast servers means storing your data securely with unbeatable encryption while still having access to your data no matter what time or where you are.

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