Computer Services & support

Software and Hardware Services

We are based in Sandton, and have a 8H00 am to 5H00 pm Monday to Friday service, which supports all customers in Gauteng, (remote desktop support country wide) SA. SLA ( Service Level Agreements )

Software installations

Full installation and Configuration of Operating System e.g.: Windows XP Professional, Windows 7, Windows 8 , Windows 10, loading of updates from the net, and installation of Anti-Virus software and Remote Management tools.  All software licenses must be supplied by client. These installations are done in house (at Vault Computing premises.) or on-site if required. All additional software package can also be installed.

Hardware installations

Having problems building your computers, or installing a component. We can do it for you, at your home, business or in house.

Speeding up your System

If you find your system is slowing down, you probably have adopted a few Trojans, maybe Viruses, Malware, Spyware or Adware. You may also have acquired some unwanted programs, and or your software or hardware may not be configured correctly. This can be rectified by us, in house or on-site. The key to having a stable working operating system, is to have a good anti-virus package, as well as to know what you can download and what you can't.

Computer assessments

All computer assessments are done either in house or on-site. All assessments are done objectively according to the client’s needs and are assessed by a trained staff member. We aim to give to client the correct advice and the best advice according to his or her needs.

Virus removal

We can remove any virus, provided it has not infected the operating system to fatal level.
Where a virus cannot be removed, the entire Operating System will have to be re-loaded. Backup facilities are also available, for your DATA, ensuring you a full recovery 

Data recovery

No Recovery - No Charge. Please call for a free quotation or email. Please supply us with the following details, Operating System, Plus Minus the data quantity in megabytes or gigabytes. Turn Around time 1 to 3 days.

Basic Data Recovery - Extensive Data Recovery. Pricing depending on the severity of the damage to the hardware and or operating system as well as the quantity of data to be recovered.