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Maintenance Service Level Agreements


Email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for further information or site assessment and quotations.

Note: Prerequisite: A site visit, and an IT strategy meeting


  • Telephonic support from 8h00am to 17h00pm
  • Night Time rescue (Optional under SLA agreement only)
  • Operating system reloading and configurations
  • Server Maintenance
  • PC / Laptop Maintenance
  • Printer Maintenance
  • Labor where new PC installations are concerned
  • Resolving network problems, and configuring networks wired and wireless
  • Hardware/software optimization
  • Resolving internet access issues & user monitoring (Infinity Required)
  • Assistance in installing ADSL Wireless and Modem connections
  • Email setup configurations and troubleshooting
  • Printing and Printer Installation Setup Support
  • Assistance in hardware and software failures
  • Collect and delivery services
  • Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm excluding weekends and public holidays

Hassle Free Upgrades (NEW parts chargeable only)

What is an (SLA)? Service Level Agreement 

A (SLA) is a signed agreement between Vault Computing CC and you, our client, spanning for one year or more. This guarantees your company preferential service for regular onsite support by our engineer at a reduced fixed rate.

(SLA’s) are customization and flexible to suit your business requirements. Thus this agreement, allows a certain number of hours to be allocated on a monthly basis. This (SLA) is used to provide positive as well as protective services to allow for the general day-to-day maintenance and use of your IT environment. If assistance is required beyond these hours, Vault Computing has preferential pricing that will apply.


·             An initial (SLA) is agree upon depending on your company size or an initial    number of hours are   allocated to your site

·             Discounted hourly rate

·             Priority response for (SLA) clients

·             Scheduled anti-virus system updates

·             Online Data Backup Services

·             Confirm successful backup of company data

·             Preventative maintenance

·             Reliable support

·             Remote Desktop Support