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Why Backup

Why should one backup data

Data backup have been routinely done by many businesses for many years, but not always performed by some, or maintained correctly.
It is vitally important to back up your data for the following reasons

Preventing data loss

The loss of data can be tragic and often a nerve wrecking experience. In the event that your system crashed, or you have a hard drive failure it is imperative to have data backups to fall back on.


Secondary data loss prevention

One should always have an additional layer of data loss prevention in case of original data backup corruption or hard drive failure. Data loss can also come from man-made disasters, as well as storms, warfare, fire, theft, and floods. Cloud or Off-Site backups can prevent complete data loss and is simpler to manage and more secure.



Many different types of businesses require data to be backed up securely and accessible for audit and or retrieval even after a data loss. Many companies need to save financial and accounting data for Tax reporting purposes. With Cloud backup, businesses can secure this information with simplicity and without complications.

Client Trust

If your information is saved securely, your business will gain trust and improved relationship with those you are affiliated with, as well as lead to increased marketing and sales opportunities. Saved information shows a company’s true obligation and organizational interests. The true value of a business cannot be determined without data backup.

Staying on top of your game

Securely saved data gives one a competitive advantage over others that do not backup their data.

Productivity and Time

With the correct managed backups in place productivity can be increased and less time wasted. This means prevention of repetitions, and no re-writing of reports.

Sleep better

Consistent regular backups lead to peace of mind. Cyber-attacks, system crashes or other disasters can be by-passed, and compromised company can restart operations from archives in no time. This can be the difference between the survival and the closure of a business.
It is not too late to start backing up your important data.

Written by: Lance Vault

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