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Vault Computing Cloud Backups

VCcloud is a simple and powerful backup solution for all types of users. Financially affordable for all markets. Using the finest and most intelligent features available, such as AI / OCR / Military Grade Encryption / eDiscovery and more.


There are a number of advantages to using VCcloud. With over 5 years of experience and 1000s of partners, we understand your needs and how you can best serve our clients

Growth in revenue

Great prices and flexible packages

A.I. features to monetize

Fully automated platform

No long-term contracts

Features You Can Monetize

Instant Document Discovery

No need to remember filenames. Search files instantly by content and keywords.

Video Streaming

Stream and share HD and 4K videos on any device, without buffering.

A.I. Photo Detection

The technology automatically detects the objects within images, allowing you to find them by tags.

Mobile Backup

Monetize a service that allows your customers to backup their files from their Android and iOS device.

Storage & Users

Meet the requirements of customers by supplying ultra-secure storage, servers and users.

Written by: Lance Vault

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